closure almost...

No matter what happened between N and I, there is only my desire for the best for her. You can't build a relationship on chemistry and very few elements in common. In addition no one needs the extra burden of gender disphoria to boot.

So now that the fog is lifting and I can see beyond my own nose I really hope that she finds someone to love her in the way that she deserves.

It's taken me 9 months now to get to a point where I almost don't think about her every day.

So my healing process has really started to take root. I am focusing on my mental health and catching up on my passion for music to help me in my reparation. People can live alone for long periods and I am starting to understand this first hand.

I think I will be able to adjust even better as time goes on and replace a relationship with many friends and activities. I hope Joanna gets to click her heels here and there too and start having some fun.

Anyway N is a smart, talented and beautiful woman who deserves good things. Actually I think we both do.


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