living alone

Living alone really does have its advantages.

You get to do things when you want and how you want to do them. You grab meals when you want (with less prep time and clean up) and you can pick up or drop something at a moment's notice. You are on your own timeline.

There's also a lot of time to think.

You reflect on what you want to do with the rest of your life. What your goals and aspirations are and what you really value going forward. You get to truly know yourself.

Had I not had this opportunity, I would not have been able to heal my damaged psyche. What I thought was already repaired, was actually still very much in need of tending to.

I also get to truly decide how much of my life spent as Joanna is important to me. What is my balance point and will I want to live full or part time.

Without the solitude, I would not be able to truly reflect on these things and so I am grateful for what I thought I would be afraid to experience. Fear has been replaced with curiosity and discovery.

I have never gotten to know myself as well as I do now.


  1. Joanna -

    Having the freedom to think is very important. Self reflection does help. It's too bad that most of us never get the chance to do so.


  2. Yes Marian I think everyone should experience this. You really do grow...


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