This will be my last blog post.

I have come to the end of my journey of coming to terms with my own gender disphoria as well as examining the latest thinking on sex and gender; a journey which began many years ago and went into overdrive in 2007 just prior to having my stroke.

I hope that at least some of you have found my blog enlightening and informative. I know it’s been a highly therapeutic process for me. I apologize in advance for the schizophrenic nature of some of the posts during the most volatile weeks and months, but it was the first time that I truly challenged myself head on to ask that most basic question: who are you and why are you gender conflicted?

I now understand that although my gender disphoria is permanent, I am now all right with that. After much reflection and reading I seem to fit the model of a type IV transsexual as defined by Harry Benjamin but of that I can’t be certain; in the end these are just definitions developed by human beings.

My litmus test is how I feel internally. Am I feeling guilty or conflicted? Not any longer.

I trust that those of you who have followed my ramblings and have given me so much feedback will forgive me if this blog simply disappears. Some of you will no doubt be glad. I for one am glad for the experience and for the new friendships.

I have no interest in chronicling my latest purchases or putting up pictures of myself in my latest outfit. Even as I don’t find others who do this self indulgent and I truly enjoy perusing Stana’s latest posting on Femulate, I will leave that to her and others. I find people like her inspiring.

I am going to go about living my life now.

If I have challenged and inspired some of you then I am glad. If others have been angered by my analysis there was never any harm intended as I feel that whatever gets you through life happy without doing harm to others is important. Life is short and so fleeting.

I have a woman that I love by my side and two great kids still to get through their teen years.

Peace to all of you and thank you.


  1. This is one of those happy/sad events. Best of luck and thanks for being there.


  2. I am happy and glad that you seem to have found your way. Fare thee well and may you find the best of good fortune.

    a Quiet Voice

  3. Joanna -

    I'll miss your posts - keep in touch....

    Best of luck, an if you need an ear - just write me....


  4. Joanna,

    I'll miss your posts. I wish you and your family all the best.


  5. Joanna i too will miss your posts.
    please keep in touch at least once in a while via e mail
    hugs diana

  6. Joanna,
    Those of us who are interested in hearing your voice and your approach to dealing with your GID will miss you. I always felt that you were involved in an sort of internal struggle with yourself and I am so glad that you have found some resolution.
    I wish you well and I do hope that from time to time, as the muse strikes you, that you will again grace us with your wisdom, logic and the experiences that life brings your way.


  7. Pat your sage and relaxed approach were always exemplary here..,

  8. Please let the blog stay, even if you do not update it anymore. There is a lot of useful material here.

    I am going to miss the blog, but I am glad to see that you are still taking part in the discussion!

    1. Never stopped by before and you are going... Too many blogs just vanish quite contrary to everyone's belief that nothing dies on the internet, that is a real shame.

      Walk away but leave it be...

  9. yes it will stay up and running Jack! it may help someone else...

  10. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors Joanna and I will miss reading your thoughts.


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