why not just keep a journal?

This blog is starting to outlive its usefulness.

N even asked me today "why don't you just keep a journal?"

I suspect she's right.

I began it as an exercise in introspection and only made it public because if it could help someone else then it would be a worthwhile thing.

The other reason was to examine some of the theories on gender that existed because I have found that the more I have read over the years, the more I have discovered that there is a dearth of real understanding and science on the topic.

The internet is full of conjecture and speculation.

As I have stated before, I won't write a blog chronicling my personal life. There is not enough interest there on my part plus what would be the point?

I have arrived at a point where I am happy. I have a woman by my side whom I love and who loves me as i am, two beautiful children and a good career. Plus I have my health.

I am not lacking very much.

Being Joanna makes me happy and that is the ultimate litmus test isn't it? Suppressing her over my life has made me unhappy.

So I need to reflect on whether I have much more left to say. Nevertheless, it has been a very interesting and highly therapeutic process.


  1. Some blogs are simply that ~ an on-line account of a particular subject. Some blogs tend to be all journal or diary. In the blogosphere there are few rules that compel someone such as yourself to stick to a single format or subject.

    I think that it would be a wonderful thing for you to add 'diary/journal' style entries to your more typically well thought out analytical entries.

    Even though your time as Joanna and your outings have become somewhat mundane to you I do think that it would be nice to get the details of your excursions...what did you wear, what did you do to prepare for your outing, where did you go, what did you do, who did you see and what was the nature of your interactions with the civilian populations.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Pat. I guess I never really thought about that because although I get immense pleasure out of them I never think that they will ellicit a lot of interest. I will take that under advisement!


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