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Phase II?

I surprised myself by adding a new post only a few days ago; something I had not intended on ever doing again. I suppose I had thought of my blog first and foremost as a form of self therapy and, since my life of late has become very stable if not entirely devoid of issues here and there, I simply stopped writing. My dysphoria is no longer causing me mental anguish. It is simply something I manage and live with. Will there be a phase II to this blog? Perhaps yes but the posting frequency will certainly diminish. I have learnt a lot about myself and others in writing my thoughts publicly through this blog and the feedback I have received has allowed me to heal myself while hopefully helping others who might be questioning their gender. Over the last many months I had been exclusively contributing to Jack Molay’s “Crossdreamers” website which continues to be one of the premier places on the internet to discuss and examine gender research and human sexuality in all of its forms.


I hadn't planned on adding more entries here. Things are going well and I've got this management plan in place that is helping me deal with my dysphoria. To all who are facing this beast my heart goes out to you because it's not an easy road. It took me a long while to love myself as I am and to realize that there is no shame in being transgender. It's a disease of the mind but it can be tamed and managed and it need not lead to transition. Think long and hard before going down that road because it is filled with many obstacles and, for some, deep regret. You need to be rid of all your demons and be more lucid than you've ever been in your entire life to even attempt going down it. N and I are very happy together and we love each other as we are; wrinkles and foibles and dysphoria aside. We love each other in spite of everything. To those who haven't read Harry Benjamin's "The Transsexual Phenomenon" I strongly urge that you do. If you ar