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well said...

I found this beautiful post on the website of Sarah Savage and I just had to share it. You can find it over at “I’ve been talking with a few people recently about the labels and definitions we all feel like we’re pushed in to and there is one thing all of these boxes have in common. Transsexual, transgender, cisgender, gender queer, transvestite and all the other identities which people feel define them fall somewhere on the spectrum between 100 percent male and 100 percent female. An identity can be fluid, fluctuating or fixed but from what I can see these labels just serve to divide people into smaller and smaller boxes. Gender variant is a phrase not used enough in my opinion, the majority of people in this world have never had to think twice about their gender but the fact of the matter is that most cis identified people are not binary in their gender expressions. Men who society would call ‘in touch with their feminine side’ still fall on the male side of the

a glance at the past

Here is what Joanna looked like in her mid thirties. Although I think I passed better then physically than I do now, I was nowhere near ready to face the scrutiny of the public. Yes I went out then a few times a year but I was nervous and very worried about how I would be perceived. I would bristle at the slightest negative comment or glance and it would destroy my self confidence. How things have changed. I look at the person in this picture and in hindsight I realize that I existed but I was not living. I needed to find the authentic me; I needed to deal with my dysphoria and come to terms with it. I don't mean that to sound melodramatic but I feel it was true for me. It took another 10 years before I would acknowledge that I needed help. While I may not share this part of my soul with everyone, I realize that I don’t need to. I just needed to acknowledge that Joanna is a part of my personality and she needs to live and flourish in order to for me to feel whole, bal