Self Love....

You are a wonderful person.

This is something you should repeat to yourself as you pass through those moments of self deprecation and self judgement that we go through; many of us perhaps daily.

To this day I sometimes fall prey to it when I think that by being out as Joanna I am doing someone else a disservice. My children or my partner should not be exposed to this and you are being selfish – I tell myself sometimes.

But am I?

I made no such choice to be the way I am and dealing with that pull and managing it requires energy, patience and self forgiveness.

As transgender people we represent our own worst enemies because we have swallowed the messages of the outside world and are fighting against those ingrained prejudices.

When I am out in the world and the odd person gives me a quizzical stare, I always remember to stare right back to send a visual queue that I have as much a right to exist as they do. This person knows nothing about you and yet chooses to judge based on their own preconceived notion of what should be acceptable or normal.

So when you are out there, be proud and stand tall. Be yourself and show people that being transgendered does not make you a monster or a freak.

I have found that when I turned the page on how I saw myself is when the world started seeing me more positively and more respectfully.

Is everyone going to feel this way? Of course not but you need to live an honest life and that life belongs to you and you alone. No one else can live it for you.

You are a wonderful person


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