a little more outreach

It’s important to do outreach.

Recently N and I were having brunch at her brother’s house and I had a chance to have a brief chat with his partner of many years; let’s call her by her first initial J.

The subject of my dressing came up (which by the way she knows about) and her comment to me was how surprisingly normal I was for a transgender person. I supposed that she had expected gender variant people to be odd or to have discernibly strange characteristics or attitudes. So she made the point to tell me that I had educated her on this topic.

Well maybe I am an odd bird.

I happened to have a picture on my phone of Joanna and I showed it to her. She was impressed with how much like a woman I looked and how well put together I was. She said it might be fun one day to have coffee with me in my Joanna mode to which I wholeheartedly agreed.

J had also recently seen an ex male employee return to the office as a transitioned woman. At 61 years of age this person had decided to make a major life change and apparently many of her colleagues were quite congratulatory and supportive. J also found that to be very touching.

It made me once again realize how important it is to let a little light shine on us once in a while. People of my generation were taught to keep this under wraps and be ashamed of it but I am way past that point now.

I was very happy to have had that exchange with her.


  1. Excellent outreach. I hope that you and J have a chance to get together.


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