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This coming Sunday morning I leave for my little overnighter to Ottawa. I thought the hotel was refundable and was going to reschedule the trip so that N could come with me. This would have meant foregoing bringing Joanna along which would have been fine by me.

However, since the hotel is not refundable I will go ahead as planned and satiate my interest in doing this once and for all. I will not bring any male attire to speak of and will spend the two days as Joanna.

Should be fun and dressing female will change nothing about what I will do which is to R&R and catch up on some museums in the lovely capital region.

Ottawa, Ontario


  1. Enjoy
    Yesterday I had a 5-6 hour drive for 3 days of business in Rochester. I did the drive as 'Pat' and after checking in I touched my my makeup, added a some jewelry and went out for a drink and something to eat. Tonight Pat will meet a friend for a bite to eat at a coffee house.
    Have a good trip


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