smartphones. smarter people?

We've all got some form of cell phone addiction and I suppose I am just as guilty as the next person.

I actually don't even have a land line and neither does N. Our cell phones are our connection to friends, family and, in my case, even work as that number is now on the after hours call list.

It didn't used to be this way. Back in 2009 I didn't even own a cell phone but I caved in and bought one. I learned to love and depend on it and with the advent of smartphones I had more reason to become addicted. But I am now trying to revert back to become more aware of the ettiquette required when in an intimate setting.

We have all seen the teenagers gathered together not speaking to each other but instead focused intently on texting. They wander the streets of downtown somehow navigating around people without looking up for fear they might miss a Facebook posting. We also know people text behind the wheel and risk life and limb because they need to respond.

N chides me rightly for bring too focused on texts and calls from my children and she is right. No one has succumbed to a calamity yet due to my phone negligence.

It will take time to rehabilitate myself but I will get there one text at a time.

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  1. A timely post. I was on the phone with Verizon yesterday for almost 2 hours ordering my first smart phone. I have finally taken the bait and next week will be getting a Droid Maxx. It is sad to see people with their head in their hand all the time. My head explodes if I am out to dinner and see everyone at an adjoining table focused on their hand.

  2. I have yet to succumb to the smart phone lure.

    My wife and I already have "dumb phones" without internet, so we can get our calls. We already pay dearly for internet service at home, so I fail to see why there is a need to support the non-user-friendly, speed-limiting smart phone ISP's. Not to mention the risk of falling off the curb/tripping on a sidewalk/walking into a light pole/being hit by a car, while surfing the internet as you walk.

    With apologies for the modification to Johnny Paycheck's 1977 song lyrics...."you can take this phone and shove it." Just sayin...


  3. As long as you don't abuse it you will very much like it pat!

    Mandy kudos to you for holding out as they are and can be double edged swords!

  4. I use my cell for "dates" only and I admit it is convienent. If anyone wants me (when I'm busy) they can just leave a message via my voice recorder, LMAO!

  5. I actually held out until about a month ago, but I did already have a Samsung tablet, which is just like my Samsung phone without the phone. I love the apps on the tablet and phone, but that phone is not attached to me. I only take it out of my purse or pocket when it rings or I need it to look up some information. I definitely do not have it in my hand all the time.

  6. Everyone has their own set of gear and way of using it. Thanks Billie and Stevie for the feedback!


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