being tall

Being tall is a non issue.

I used to think that one of the main reasons I would never pass as a woman in public was my height. For the record I am 6’ 1” and while that makes me taller than the vast majority of women, I have seen many genetic females in that height range. When you see them in public you never doubt they are female and they don’t behave any differently than anyone else. They know who they are and look relaxed and at ease with their body.

Rewind to a time when I was less comfortable in public and I would chalk up the odd double take or stare to my height but it was really my body language and uneasiness showing through more than anything else.

Last night I was in two women’s clothing stores trying on a few items. In both cases I had nice exchanges with the sales people and felt comfortable and at ease. I saw nothing in their behaviour that would make me believe I was not passing and was addressed as Madame in both. In one store, the owner knows me and judging by our previous exchanges she clearly assumes I am female.

In my low heels I was 6’3” tall but I no longer think about that. Only when someone approaches me and remarks on it does it enter my mind.

My height hasn’t changed for a long time but my attitude certainly has.

Yes that's Mickey Rooney


  1. Please do a 'height' related post a few times a year to provide the rest of us 'tall' sisters with confirmation that we should not let our size hold us back in the closet and to let us know that it really is attitude, comfort and presentation that will enable us to get out and about and mix with the civilian population.

  2. Joanna -

    One can have similar feelings about weight. But I've found that people look at heavy women less - and this is a help....


  3. I had not considered that Marian. Thanks for the feedback...


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