"Don't forget the broccoli"

Yesterday my daughter saw me dressed for the first time. No nothing exploded and no one (to my knowledge) rolled over in their grave.

I was just going to step out and grab a coffee and in the process get a few groceries as I am prone to do. I normally do that after work and always in Joanna mode. She was in the process of re arranging her room as she will be staying with me a couple of nights a week while she attends a local college.

She peered up from the her activity just long enough to look at me and say: "don't forget the broccoli!"

As previously stated I needn't even have concerned myself in the least but, as someone who years ago would have been horrified at the prospect of disclosure, I can't but help marvel a little at how unfazed she was. Makes me wonder how I ever thought there was ever anything to worry about.

It might just be that the world that I grew up in no longer exists.


  1. Absolutely wonderful. A post well worth reading twice, even three times. Congratulations on another step into the light.

  2. Totally agree with Pat, read it more than once! So happy for you. I'm a little nosy, did you show her a picture as I suggested or was there no need?
    I agree about another world, its things like this that spurs one on. We can see the light as Pat puts it, but we still haven’t left the forest just yet.

  3. Actuaaly Abi I did show the picture which produced little surprise. I think its because she had known for so long.


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