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In his blog, Felix Conrad brings up some very interesting observations about the work of Ray Blanchard. I especially like the way he finds the weak spots and then proposes alternative terminology.

The best point he brings forward for me is why continue to use an offensive term to designate something which has, as of yet, no explanation. This is one area where Blanchard's deliberate attempt to be controversial and judgmental shows his true colours. Felix has figured out the emperor has no clothes!

You can read Felix's analysis for yourself here.


  1. OK, it was definite b) to the AG testing kit question on Felix's page. But autogynophelia (that I am turned on sexually by my female self)? I don't think so. I suspect that sort of cross-gender narcissism is actually rather rare, and more to do with medical/psychological pigeonholing for a profession that feels adrift without a convenient label they can stick on something. (In a graduated spectrum, there are going to be infinitely many labels.)
    Femephilia? Sometimes. Crossdreamer? Definitely. Interesting blog. Thanks for the link.

    1. You are very correct Susie. Don't worry about labelling yourself but work towards one goal only and that is being happy with who you are. Once there nothing else matters and certainly not the opinion of a crackpot like Blanchard.

  2. Hi J... as you know (I think) I have always enjoyed your blog. Thanks for telling people about my work... un abrazo fuerte. One thing... this article you link to is an oldie... our best work on autogynephilia is this... You are always welcome round my neighbourhood - be it virtual or 'real'.


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