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How do non dysphoric children know what gender they are?

Well it turns out that they know this relatively early. Even before they are socialized there are behavioural traits that make themselves known. These markers are often what we describe as typically male or female behaviour. I suppose if you tried hard enough you could dissuade the child from behaving in a way that is natural for them but if left alone they will follow their instincts.

I believe that this is biologically hard wired in them at birth.

Now consider a dysphoric brain that has either been completely or partially reversed and is not in alignment with birth sex. That child will exhibit traits and behaviour that is typical of the opposite sex. Of course we understand that there are people without dysphoria that behave atypically and peers might notice but I think these might be mild variations that don't necessarily produce a gender conflicted child. At worst they may be called tomboys or sissies and may grow up to be a lesbian or gay adult with no gender identity conflict to speak of.

The fact that these young trans kids do not identify with their birth sex can sometimes resolve itself but other times it doesn't. Knowing how much to intervene is becoming a difficult question and caution should be exercised. Some of these children are deeply dysphoric and will benefit from transition while others will realign themselves naturally and be happy living as their birth sex.

Here is a link to an article warning about the dangers about acting too quickly. The author herself suffered from gender confusion but it resolved itself by the end of adolescence. She is a woman who is perhaps more masculine than most but identifies as a female nonetheless.

In the article, she states:

"Outgrowing my discomfort resulted from the realization that gender does not need to be binary. To this day, I still feel that I am more masculine than most natal females, but also much more feminine than most natal males. We can have the best of both worlds."

It’s a nice read and can be found here.


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