one body; two genders

There is something we suffer more from in the west compared to other cultures.

Here we harbor the idea that we must become the other gender in order to allow ourselves to embody the characteristics and behavior pattern of the other. While in eastern cultures you see people taking on opposite gender roles and being accepted for that while not needing to alter their bodies.

100 years ago no one transitioned. What did these people do? Well they lived their lives the best way they could and within the constraints set up for them culturally. This was either very difficult or very easy depending on the society you were born in. If you were born to a culture that accepted and even celebrated a third gender then you were fine. However if you were born to a strict Judeo-Christian modelled society where any variance from the norm was frowned upon, you were out of luck.

With the possibilities for body modification being introduced in the 20th century suddenly you had people presenting for such surgeries. But is body modification a requirement to be happy with ourselves? Perhaps for some it is.

Some might not admit that a surgery has made their life worse and for some it might be a draw with the advantage of eliminating their dysphoria levelled with new challenges being introduced which did not exist when they presenting as their birth gender. One thing is certain: if one is going to transition the earlier one does it the easier it’s going to be.

As we begin to reshape our ideas in the west, we might want to rethink the narrative of a gender role transition and instead become more flexible with the rules governing what it means to be a man or a woman.

After all what is gender dysphoria but a feeling that something is not quite right with our gender. But is that because of our plumbing or simply as a result of some restrictions being placed on how we conduct ourselves in life?

What if we abandon the idea of needing to go through a medical approval board to gain access to a body modification procedure as a first course and instead focus on shedding ourselves of all the vestiges of social constraint?

Maybe we will find that once we are free from all inhibition and fear we can become our true selves and embody the best of the particular gender blend that resides within each of our vessels.


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