Those with an agenda....

GenderTrender is a website run by a trans-exclusive radical feminist (TERF). I never go there but in reading one of Julia Serano’s posts I saw a link to a reference to Michael Bailey and followed it. This statement caught my eye:

“Autogynephilic men who transition to become transwomen deserve some sympathy, and they have had mine. But their plight is much more akin to a normal heterosexual man’s midlife crisis decision to leave his wife for another woman than it is to their preferred narrative. The heterosexual man in midlife crisis also deserves some sympathy. But so does the family he is leaving.”

This pronouncement is made rather glibly and I can certainly speak to it since she is potentially referring to someone who fits my profile.

After being forced out of my own marriage for sporadic and secretive crossdressing I can honestly say that I did not deliberately leave my family behind. I see my children regularly and my daughter lives with me 2 nights a week. She could care less whether I crossdress or not and wonders why people care so much. I have been deeply dysphoric all of my life and have more than once weighed the idea of transition but have decided against it. It’s been a tough haul to get to where I am now.

So when I see another example of someone misrepresenting who I am and making a statement without an immediate understanding of what dysphoria is like, it makes me wonder about some people's motivations.

To suggest that gynephilic dysphoric males are transitioning in order to usurp the roles of genetic women is not only bordering on paranoia but it hints at an unstable mind. It's certainly not a plan I devised for myself growing up but I am sure its the kind of hyperbole that plays well to its intended audience; a militant but tiny sliver of the female population.

If there is one thing I would like to see change in this world is people weighing in on things they have never experienced first-hand. It’s hard to imagine a person leaving a marriage behind to undergo a gender role transition (something which 99% of men would never even conceive of) but to compare that decision to being on par with a mid-life crisis borders on the moronic.

Not only does this person not have any sympathy, but I seriously doubt they have very strong relationships with caring and loving people.

This kind of commentary can be found at the end of every single article where the topic of transgender people is dealt with. It speaks to the challenges ahead and to the type of individuals that we must be alert to.

One thing is to search for understanding but quite another is a deliberate attempt to misrepresent.


  1. i must say i agree with you 100 percent....well said...


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