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good grief

Some people just refuse to get it.

Here is Kay Brown on her blog criticizing Anne Vitale for not acknowledging Autogynephilia as observable phenomena. But wait….we already had a name for what gender dysphorics (and other people on the planet) do when they sexually fantasize: it’s called masturbating.

News flash for Kay Brown: renaming an observable phenomena that has existed since humans have been on this planet by a scientific sounding name does not make it science.

Here is the sleight of hand that Brown and other Blanchardians use and it’s so simple:

By calling the erotic fantasizing of dysphorics Autogynephilia ,they can then use that term to say that this “condition” drives these people to transition. Except they forgot one thing: the proof that it is this invented condition that is doing the driving.

You see absence of proof is not proof. I learnt that a long time ago when I was a science student. Just because we have not yet found the biological processes which might play into the creation of gender dysphoria, doesn't mean they do not exist.

Gender dysphorics know they are different very early on in life so their history does not start at the age of 12 when they first ejaculate in their mother’s clothes. It actually dates back far sooner and this is the fly in the ointment for Ms. Brown and other “Blanchardians” because for AGP to work as a theory this history must be negated or downplayed. After all, a 4 year old has no sexual motivation in mind when he dons his mother’s clothing.

Vitale (who is no fool) wisely does not acknowledge a theory that is not provable. She calls masturbation what it is and theorizes that although it forms part of the sexual reality of every person on this planet, it cannot be the only component that makes up gender dysphoria.

Now what do you suppose that a male to female pre-op transsexual fantasizes about if their brain gender were female? Having the body of a man with big muscles? Somehow I don’t think so.

You’ve got to hand it to Brown who (through the use of statistics built up exclusively through interviews) manages to put together an almost convincing scientific argument. But then it’s not really scientific at all.

The entire Blanchard house of cards is built up of psychoanalysis of candidates for transition who were having every aspect of their sexual habits micro-analyzed by Blanchard so he could come up with his invented term.

Now if someone has some real science to send me I will be glad to look it over.

Kay Brown’s critique of Anne Vitale can be found here.


  1. Joanna,

    Masterbation is the action of self-stimulation... but we would never confuse a gay man masturbating to images of himself with another man with a straight man masterbating to images of himself as a man with a woman.

    Autogynephilia is the sexual orientation, the motivation, the central erotic image of oneself as a woman in the same manner.

    When I mentioned Anne Vitale not using the term "autogynephilia" it is in the sense that she is trying to be PC and not upset her clients. But in reality, she knows full well, and fully describes autogynephilic behavior in her clients.

    If this is uncomfortable to you. Then it speaks to the motivation of Dr. Vitale as having been right to use euphimistic languange. But I'm not dependent upon autogynephilic clients for my livelyhood and can site the evidence freely. I can cut through the denial that holds back clinicians. I can freely point out how she has used euphimism and obscurantistic terms for the very well documented phenomena of autogynephilia in the majority of transwomen in the Western world.

  2. Kay I am sorry but no one argues that dysphoric people have this phenomena. I do as well and yet wonders its not driving me to transition. I have a history of dysphoria that goes well back to my early adolescence. I am afraid that AGP is a bit of a sham as far as science goes because there is no science. Unless you call psychology science which I don't.

    Anne Vitale uses the terminology that Blanchard coined but does not make the mistake of wholly attributing transitions to it as a main motivator. I am living proof that it is BS since I fit Blanchard's model and yet have resisted doing anything about my dysphoria other than manage it.

    Until science comes up with an explanation I will continue to have a huge amount of skepticism for Blanchard and all of his writings.

    Thank you for commenting

  3. my main issue is that the entire argument of Blanchard's is based on treating his 200 patients at the CAMH and already looking for evidence of perversion (since he was of course associated with Kurt Freund).

    If you have clear and conclusive evidence that erotic arousal drives people to transition (other than Blanchard's work of course) and that there is no such thing as gender dysphoria existing before puberty then I eagerly await to read it. However you will have trouble convincing me that real science is fashioned through the verbal evidence coming from gender psychology practice.


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