He's my Girl

"La Folle Histoire D'amour de Simon Eskenazy" (He's my Girl in English) is a 2009 French film about a Parisian divorced gay man and his crossdressing young arab boyfriend played by actor Mehdi Dehbi. The movie is a comedy drama which questions gender stereotypes, religious dogma and our even the relationships we have with our ageing parents. Yes life is complicated for everyone and the protagonist is no exception.

Mehdi Dehbi plays the younger lover in the guise of both man and woman and is equally convincing in either mode. He shows that a different gender presentation can be accomplished with great success by the same person. Of course he is small boned and fine featured which only helps pull the whole thing off.

I wasn't expecting to find the entire movie on YouTube and at a short 1:30 it's not hard to end up watching the whole thing.

The film is in French but has English subtitles.


  1. Why do I know the name Antoine de Caunes? Didn't he present a show called Eurotrash back in the 1990s?

  2. its possible Susie I had never heard of him before


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