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I am at the age where I think about my mortality. No I don't think in terms that it's all going to end tomorrow but I am aware of my father who passed away at 60 and my good friend from work who died last year at 58.

In life one never knows and I am trying to practice the philosophy of living one day at a time. I don't plan too far ahead and try to focus on the important things and the rest is left to the whims of this crazy world we inhabit.

I am saying this because you are never too old to be yourself and it is never too late to be your own person.

Since putting the contact form on my blog some of you have shared your thoughts with me and I can see the pain that some have gone through in dealing with your gender dysphoria.

But I am here to tell you that it gets so much better when you give yourself permission to truly live. For some of you it might only involve occassional crossdressing while for some it will be transition but to be on the other side of this dilemma is so worth it that you need to ask yourself why you still struggle and suffer.

All who read this blog know that I dont advocate leaving marriages and children behind to pursue something which may be wrong for you and for them. I only ask that you allow yourself the dignity of treating your dysphoria as a real and serious thing. You are not indulging in frivolity by taking concrete steps.

This was my hardest lesson.

Many of you are already very happy while others struggle with how to tell loved ones about something you have been carrying on your shoulders for a very long time.

The truly worthy and right people in your life will do their best to understand I promise. Don't wait and wait to do something.