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these people don't think

One of the reasons these bathroom bills demonstrate they don’t come from the intellectually gifted is that you cannot actually perfectly enforce them. Imagine a young and feminine pre-op transsexual woman entering the woman’s bathroom. Are you going to give her a genital inspection before she is admitted entry?

I suspect that most young transsexuals already use the ladies’ room without incident and these bills are really more about late transitioners who don’t pass well. But remember that there are also a number of genetic women who actually look and dress quite masculine. Are you going to inspect their genitals as well just to be sure?

We know that transgender people just want to use the facilities and get out of there and I have been doing that now for many years when I am out as Joanna without any incident. I suspect that even if some women suspected I might not have been born female they could see by my respectful attitude and body language that I was not there to do anything indecent. Conversely, using the men’s bathroom could be an invitation to violence. Imagine a gang of rowdy teen boys preying on an older transgender woman.

Men are more likely to resort to violent reactions than women however last year I remember reading about a middle aged transgender woman being assaulted in a McDonald’s bathroom by a gang of teenage girls. She had simply wanted to use the services and leave but had been spotted and was brutally attacked simply for being transgender.

So now we are enacting legislation against people who already have a high rate of suicide among their ranks and who are routinely discriminated against simply for being who they are. The presumption by these misinformed legislators is that being transgender is somehow associated with perversity which couldn't be further from the truth. Education is going to take a while especially for the dogmatically motivated and/or mentally challenged bumpkins out there.

Seeing this sort of thing pushed by state representatives who should know better is shameful, mean-spirited and painfully stupid.


  1. Sadly, for us to successfully stand up to these legislative bullies, it will kake people in all stages of TS/TG/CD doing what doesnt come naturally, and that often has a grave "cost" attached to it --- that is, come out of our privacy so the world can see that we're good people. Attorneys, doctors, sales associates, Navy Seals, renowned computer theory innovators, university professors, homemakers, police officers, Marines, truck drivers, lobbyists, factory workers, and on and on. So long as we live trying to pass, blend, or live an authentic life without hassle after transition, we remain invisible as a class to the muggles (ordinary people who are not us).

    Being the "T" of all the LGBT groups doesn't help much here, as we're the proverbial trying to wag the dog -- it doesn't work. I'm not feeling like they understand that our fight is a continuation of their old fight for tolerance and acceptance -- it's just we, the "T", who are now in the sights.

    The resurgence of this type of intolerance, especially with the fear mongering aspect attached, is truly disheartening. If this emboldens police in some areas to treat us all like we're perverts who are trying to attack women and children, we can expect to hear of some egregious incidents where some of us are ourselves roughed up at the hands of, or while in the custody of the police.


    1. Rhonda,

      You're quite correct. We all need to come out. I've thought about that a lot. I felt I did in a way when I attended Transgender Day of Visibility but alas, even in San Francisco, it was only public going in and out of the venue, which was in a nice place but not in a very safe area.

      I'm not as brave as Joanna or you, and my wife isn't ready for me to do this either. So for now I try to support us as best I can from the sidelines. But I carry some sadness about that.


  2. Joanna, as you point out: You cannot enforce these rules without harming cis people as well, as this video shows: Masculine lesbians are now thrown out of women's bathrooms in America, while many transgender girls use the rooms unmolested.

    But I suspect this is not so much about making a legally meaningful law as it is to mobilize fear and prejudices for a political cause. Somehow I doubt that Ted Cruz is so stupid that he actually believes in his "Donald Trump dressed up as Hillary" example.

  3. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments Rhonda, Emma and Jack. This is about pandering to a base and not about doing the right thing. If there were actually a great deal of documented cases of transgender people molesting cisgender in public bathrooms I could wrap my head around all this but of course there aren't.

    Cruz is a religious zealot with an agenda and he won't get far with it but alas he has nevertheless a strong following which will always choose fear and prejudice over justice.

  4. I don't think the North Caroline bathroom bill HB2 was meant to be enforceable! We may have been thrown under the bus for other political ends, mainly.

    Attorney general Roy Cooper wants to run for governor against incumbent Pat McCrory, who framed the bill. That handed the attorney general a high-profile hot potato! Refusing to defend it in court (which Cooper did) could also be used to make him look bad. All with appeal to a mean-minded conservative base. Clever?

    Then it blew up nationally and internationally, and governor McCrory is not looking half as clever. Polls remain close in the gubernatorial race, but Cooper may have gained a small lead since HB2 took effect.

    1. thanks for the in-depth analysis January. There is always something more behind what we see on the surface isn't there?


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