my daughter's art

My daughter is a talented artist and is studying digital animation in College. I don't normally get into details about my children's lives here but the other day I was looking in her sketch book and just had to take these digital photos of two of her drawings and post them. They are both done in coloured pencil with light water colour washes at the end. The first is of the Montreal City Hall overlooking Place Jacques Cartier and the second is of St. Joseph Oratory near Mount Royal.

I'd like to think some of her natural talent comes from me as I had a pencil in hand from a very young age. I moved more into music into my teens and focused increasingly on that as time wore one.

This is her passion.

If all goes well and with a little luck she might be able to land a posting at a company like Pixar or Disney animation one day. Doesn't hurt to dream a little.


  1. Beautiful
    I wish her good luck and success. Pursuing the arts can be rewarding but it can also have heartache

  2. couldn't agree more Pat. There are more options today than when we were young like video games, animated films, etc. Fingers crossed...

  3. Yes, she's very talented and I wish her the very best. As you say, Joanna, there are many more options today for her! Fingers and toes crossed!


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