sometimes they know early

Emma sent me this link in an email. It is a story from the New York Times about a child and parents and how to handle a gender issue. Here is an excerpt:

"The things I imagined happening fell into opposite categories, but both transpired. A lot of children didn’t notice, didn’t care or stared briefly before moving on. But there were a few who pestered him on the playground and in the hallways, who teased or pressed, who covered their mouths and laughed and pointed and would not be dissuaded by our carefully rehearsed answers."

It's about a boy who wants to go to first grade in a dress and what happens next...


  1. I really loved that article. I must have read it a half dozen times in the last couple of days. Like I'm trying to live vicariously through that little girl's life, basking in the wisdom and love of her mother and father.

  2. nice to get the support early in life with educated folks isn't it?


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