TERFS and Conservative Christians team up

I used to think that a Christian was a Christian but actually a Conservative Christian now stands for someone who purports to follow Christ but is intolerant of the things Christ wasn't.

No surprise that these strange bedfellows would tag team to suit a common purpose...



  1. Hmm... we need to be careful when we talk about this. It is incorrect to say anti-porn activists in the 1980's "joined" with the right (e.g., Ed Meese) or that they "worked" with them. That isn't true -- and I know because I was there.

    I was active then in that movement (as a member of WAP, MAP and a personal friend of Andrea Dworkin). Having the same enemy does not make you an ally and feminists who opposed pornography because of its injury to women were not working with nor agreeing with male right-wingers who opposed porn as moral indecency. The same with radical feminists today who (sadly but with beliefs I grasp) don't support transgender activism. They are not teaming up with conservatives who oppose us for different reasons.


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