"you rock it"

Marie couldn't have been older than 25. She was a petite black woman with a very genuine smile and we exchanged pleasantries as we entered the same subway station after almost bumping into one another in the hustle and bustle.

A few minutes later she walked up to me on the platform:

“I just wanted to say that you rock it and you look great”

"Have we met before?" I asked genuinely puzzled.

“I've seen you in this station before” she answered

I asked her name before the subway arrived and told her to say hello next time. She gave me a nice smile and said she definitely would.

I don't care whether I pass or not but regardless I suspect that people see I am confident when I am out. This is the lesson that took me so long to learn: just be yourself and people will see someone who is comfortable in their skin.

And whether Marie saw a trans person on that platform or not is less important than the fact that she simply saw ME.

Oh and as a side note: 84% of Canadians now support trans rights. I love my progressive country...



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