"I want to see pictures"

Recently I received a statement via my blog contact form which simply stated “I want to see pictures”.

My immediate reaction was to be a little miffed because those of you who read my blog know that this is hardly its focus. For much the same reason I have politely declined to link to sites that promote crossdressing.

This website is mostly about coping with gender dysphoria and is now increasingly peppered with my observations on other matters. I am not trying to chronicle the more banal aspects of my personal life or detail my clothing purchases (although I have done this on occasion)but only because of my natural disinterest and not because I don't think that is a good thing.

Besides, other blogs do this far better than I ever could. So I hope those who expect something else understand that, for better or worse, this is who I am.


  1. It is interesting, my own Blog has changed from being a bit clothes obsessed with detailed accounts of my occasional outings, to now being just about general life and musings, from the point of view of a Musician and Gardener, who just happens to be trans.

    1. there you go. I think we just get tired of talking about all things trans after a while Paula

  2. Indeed, we are whole people, the sum of our parts. As I have gotten more acquainted and accepting of my transgender part I remain fascinated but I increasingly find my interests expanding. I am transgender but I'm not "only" transgender.

  3. Your approach to the blog is the main reason I visit. There are enough of the other kind as it is.


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