the pseudoscience behind gender dysphoria

The real science as to what causes gender dysphoria still awaits.

Harry Benjamin was on to something except he didn’t have the scientific evidence to back up his suspicions hence, like a true scientist, he negated to draw conclusions. His hunch, based on treating so many patients over his lifetime, was that one is born with a predisposition to be gender dysphoric.

However, with inconclusive brain scans and no DNA marker (as of yet) we are left with believing the word of people who need help and only want to lead happy and productive lives.

The best we have been able to muster since Benjamin's death in 1986 was to amass statistics on who gets a boner imagining themselves as a woman which is in equal parts pathetic and disappointing. For this is not really science at all but is instead playing with interview data that doesn't point to anything definitive or conclusive. I have dealt with this problem at great length in my blog.

The whole thing started with Kurt Freund's obsession with the penis and it all went irrevocably downhill from there (no pun intended). If you don't know who that is look him up; you will find it very elucidating. But remember, in the end its not the findings that are suspect but the inferred conclusion in the form of an invented sexually-fueled mental illness called "Autogynephilia".

That being said, there is absolutely no doubt that gender dysphoria comes with an erotic component attached in heterosexuals and in some homosexuals. The real finding would be to understand the true nature of how dysphoria, at its highest levels, leads some of us to seek a gender role transition. For it makes absolutely no sense that this process is exclusively driven by sexual desire. Most of us know we are trans even before we know what sex is; we just couldn't verbalize this at the time.

Therefore suggesting that some of us base their decision to undergo a transition solely because we sometimes come in our panties is simultaneously not provable, simplistic and insulting and, if that were the only impetus for such a procedure, I might already be there. But then I am not stupid and neither are my readers.

What now reassures me is that with the advent of transgender people coming out of the woodwork we are ministering to their needs and with more intimate contact comes their humanization. When you meet someone who is transgender you get to meet a real person who is just like everyone else and wants the same things.

When I first began this blog in 2012 maybe 10 people read one of my postings; I didn't care then and still don't since I am not looking to be popular - it was my therapy. Today, bolstered by friends Jack Molay, Calie and Stana my most read postings now exceed 800 views.

Hence, I am going to make it part of my remaining life's work going forward to help drown in the bathtub what's left of the unique combination of malevolence and intellectual dishonesty that helped forge this poor excuse for science. If my writing has helped even one trans person feel better about themselves it's so worth it to me.

Your lovely and heart-felt emails keep me motivated. You have no idea.


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  2. Joanna, I have had this discussion with several friends who have long since transitioned. It's generally swept under the rug, but virtually all have admitted to me that the pre-transition erotic thoughts were there. This includes two very early transitioners.

    And, you are spot-on in your observation that just about everyone who has transitioned or is considering transition had gender dysphoric thoughts (not erotic) way prior to reaching puberty.

    1. thanks Calie. We need to accept and admit that this forms part of the nature of the dysphoria but is not the main driver as Blanchard erroneously postulated. Also thanks for featuring on T-Central.

  3. Great article and great blog. Thank you!!

  4. Great post, Joanna. Thanks for shining some much needed light on the woo peddlers.

  5. I always ask given that I was (n today's terms) a fairly typical trans kid...what do you expect my sexual fantasies were going to be about when I hit puberty? Hint: not being some big burly hairy bloke rogering a little blond woman,

    Of course my sexual fantasies involved be being a woman having sex cis women's ones do.

    But 'autogynephilia' doesn't actually exist. Even Blanchard wasn't able to prove it in his own papers. Oh he claimed he prove it but read the actual papers...

    And to apparently do so he had to invent things like 'pseudo homosexuality' and 'pseudo bisexuality' the definition which would include the majority of gay men.. it is all nonsense from a catholic extremist of questionable sexuality who believes being gay is a sexual paraphilia....
    Add in the self contradictions and circular 'logic' and you cannot even call this a ‘hypothesis’ let alone a 'theory'.

    How did anyone believe this nonsense.

    Take me as an example, I did some exploring of my sexuality in the past, I had sex with men as a man, though I am mostly female attracted.
    Now they would classify me back then as a gay man, as 'all bisexual men are really gay'. If 1 in 100 sexual encounters were with a man you are gay.

    Now when I transitioned (and still bisexual) I am AGP...because I now have this 'pseudo bisexuality' and I am really a 'straight man'.
    Trans women bisexuals are all really 'straight men' but all bisexual men are all really 'gay men'.

    Make up your minds boys .... was I 'gay' back then and then amazingly became totally 'straight' when I transitioned?

    Notice there is no such thing to them as 'pseudo heterosexuality' when a bisexual trans woman has sex with a woman though.....that's 'true sex' you see....

    And their derogatory misgendering terminology.
    If I have sex with a woman I am having lesbian sex. If it is with a man it is straight sex.
    I am a bisexual women. I am not, as they keep claiming, a gay man or a bisexual man or a heterosexual man.. They are just erasing trans women’s identities and saying you are and always will be men ...just like the Catholic church or the TERFs do.

    1. they tried to fit a neat little theory and kept finding exceptions which were conveniently swept under the rug as lying when the patient history didn't comply. The reality is that human sexuality is very complicated and made even more so when you have gender dysphoria from a very young age. Blanchard's work will end up in the dust bin of history as an attempt to marginalize using wobbly science.


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