a small gesture

Lately when I have been in stores where my name is registered in their computer system, I have been asking them to change it from the one I use in this blog to my given name at birth.

It is a small gesture but one which felt like I was adding a level of authenticity and bolstering my lack of concern over being discovered. We all get tired of hiding after a while and this is just more sign that I have become an integrated human being who has embraced all aspects of who I am.


  1. That's cool. Little things like this can mark real progress.

  2. I agree with you completely Joanna. Never before have we had such a time when it's okay to be transgender. As we've discussed, I plan on starting a blog in my male name soon, with a stated intention to be open about myself, what it means to be trans, and through that I hope to foster more enlightened and fruitful discussion among cisgender people, especially those who know me.


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