I come out to two other people at work

This week I came out to two other people from my work.

It was almost inadvertent but the first young woman and I have shared a bit more intimate level of discussion than average for some time now. She tells me how her life is going and how she feels about things and so since our meeting ended early and we were in a closed room, I ended up telling her I was transgender and tied the whole thing together with our common colleague who saw me the other day in the downtown core.

I went into an abbreviated story of my background and her receptiveness was so refreshing but then at 32 years of age I shouldn't be too surprised. I even showed her a picture of me as Joanna and she exclaimed “wow, how do you do that?!”

At the end of our talk she gave me a big hug and we parted ways.

The other young woman is someone I am even closer to as she and I share Latin heritage and we hit it off years ago during a project due to her openness and earnest character. She is also in her thirties and married with a young daughter.

We were having coffee yesterday and I explained everything and she then shared her experience with her cousin who transitioned in her twenties which her extended family came to terms with and accepted. She gave me a big hug after I told her which made me feel great.

Talking to them both I was able to do some outreach for transgender people and achieving the goal of being out in the open and honest with those close to me.

This feels so good I cannot adequately put it into words.


  1. Congratulations - Let the liberation of Joanna begin. Wonderful steps.

  2. I have always felt that bottom up one person at a time acceptance is the best way to go. It is always better to allow someone to get to know you and learn to like you than to tell them that the government knows best and will tell them how to think, act and behave.

  3. It's feels so good to let it out to those you can trust. Good for you, Joanna!

  4. Good for you...overall, I think that age group will generally be more accepting. Enjoy that warm glow from a job well done!




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