just Grace

Stana put up a link in her post yesterday about the "To Survive on this Shore" project which is a chronicle of the lives of some older transgender people. In there I found the interview with Grace to be the most poignant.

Grace is 56 and is living her life on her terms now after surviving the grueling dark ages when we all thought we were mentally ill and couldn't put a name to what we were. In the short interview (which you should definitely read) she states:

"In the '60s they called me a sissy. In the '70s they called me a faggot. In the '80s I was a queen, or they called me a queen. In the '90s I was transgender. In the 2000s I was a woman, and now I'm just Grace."



  1. I keep returning to Grace's photo. The room decor reminds me of Berkeley, and her clothes and posture do too. She looks marvelous - just like I would like to appear if I were her. But she's also pensive and maybe sad, or at least serious. I hope she's happy. I think she says it all, "I'm just Grace."

    I'm just me, too. We are all just ourselves and we are enough.


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