more disaster to come

Well “Donny Tiny Hands” is really screwing the pooch now and his vision of making America great again begins with a disastrous health care plan followed by a disastrous budget.

Cuts to the environment, cuts to the arts, cuts to federal jobs (except for the military of course) and of course cuts to NPR and Public Television. Lest we forget: more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

As expected the Republicans are doing a hatchet job and will do more damage in 4 years that someone else will need to clean up later.

Congressional Republicans like Paul Ryan will get theirs when the mid-term elections come and their horrible policies have already begun to affect their constituents.

In the meantime I don’t understand why Bernie Sanders just doesn’t start his own party and grab the millennials with him. This way the establishment Democrats will have no choice but to play ball with him…


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