my constant companion

Throughout my life my piano has been a constant companion. It was music that got me through adolescence into adulthood and focused my energy when things weren't going all that well. Music also fed my soul like no other activity I have ever done.

Today my composing and recording continues to keep me motivated even as my career does not provide the creative stimulation I need.

No matter what else happens in my life going forward it will continue to be the baseline I can return to for comfort and security when other things are not as reliable.

I think that probably Billy Joel expressed it the best...


  1. We have a similar interest in music. I don't play but it is an inner love that moves me as well.

    1. whether you create or appreciate or both its all good!

  2. Just the opposite with me, Joanna. I was a concert pianist. Really. I was told I had perfect pitch and true talent. I performed, alone, on stage, many times. My parents made me practice, practice, practice. All classical, when I wanted to rock out. At age 14, I was burned out. I quit....cold turkey and have never touched a piano again. I still dream of being a female rock star.....

  3. I was and still am into music too. When I was a teenager I wanted to join the Allman Brothers or be a professional guitarist. That dream faded when my parents finally agreed that I wouldn't go to college, and then I had to face the reality that indeed, someday I had to earn a living. I gave it up, sold my Gibson SG Special, my Fender Twin Reverb, and went to engineering school.

    But about ten years ago the guitar kind of called me back, and this time I got into fingerstyle on acoustic guitars. I've been playing off an on since, but mostly off as of late. My guitar will definitely be a companion in the coming road trip!


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