sorry but no one is going back into the closet

Transgender rights are human rights.

As more transgender people come out of the woodwork, society tries to figure out what to make of them. Some people are having little trouble accepting however among social and religious conservatives there are those going into tizzies as their circuits threaten to overload.

The key question revolves around empathy and respect for a person’s right to self-determination versus what conservatives love to describe as respect for the reality that God has created. In other words, for them being transgender is an abomination and a choice which is why so many go back to the biology of birth sex to base their argumentation. The problem is that being transgender isn’t a choice and if people are created this way then the entire basis for their prejudice falls apart.

It was all much easier when transgender people either transitioned in stealth or were hidden away at home in their closets. But just as the public face of homosexuality forced a dialogue in society, the same impact is being felt over the rights of the transgender. Except now it is even more difficult since gender identity is far more visible than sexual orientation.

The bathroom and locker room moral panics are being used by conservatives to try and paint us as deviants but this is just a ruse as the statistics show that there is a far greater risk of conventional males entering these spaces and attacking women. If anything transgender people desperately just want to blend in and be accepted for who they are.

But for religious conservatives, already grappling with the idea that homosexuality may not be a choice, we have added a brand new dilemma which makes their platform one potentially based on incorrect assumptions. For them, both homosexuality and gender variance of any kind were traditionally seen as issues steeped in moral depravity. If you succumbed to these things you were a deviant and a sinner but the reality is that no one chooses to be trans and many of us spent years trying to drown our natures in the bathtub.

Just think back to past generations when many gays would marry in attempt to deny their orientation and how many transgender people have done much the same in denying their sense of identity.

It is going to take some time for conservatives to swallow the cough syrup and get with the program. But be that as it may, we are not going back into the closet just for their own comfort.


  1. Joanna, that is so well put "conservatives to swallow the cough syrup and get with the program." GREAT!

  2. I don't think the older religious conservatives will ever accept anything trans. It's their children that will. The same thing is happening with homosexuality, it's just that that movement is 30 years ahead of ours.

    I see it in my children and their friends who are much more accepting than my generation. They actually know trans kids from school and don't have any issues with it.

    1. you are absolutely right Lindsay they have no issues...


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