heart warming and affirming

I know others have posted this video on their blogs before me but I wanted to add my two cents because I was so touched by it. It pretty much echoes my experience thus far in the world as a transgender person.

Watching it restores your faith in people in that most are kind hearted and wonderful and could care less about the petty battles that others go out of their way to create.

I am sure you will agree and will add that there are women here I just want to hug....


  1. I'm so surprised to be the first to comment. This video is wonderful, and especially because it was produced and aired by ABC. It's things like this that educate those who are unaware.

  2. it is an awesome bit of education Emma!

  3. This is so beautiful to see - thank you for posting this! It brought tears to my eyes.

  4. I am literally in tears watching that. I had seen the video before a while ago, but just watching it again....the compassion from the sisterhood is overwhelming. All of those ladies standing up for her. Bravo!


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