the pope blows it

I generally like Pope Francis but when it comes to LGBT issues he as thick as a post. Out comes the old standby line that transgender people are trying to blur the lines between genders. In this article it states:

"On Thursday, Oct. 5, Pope Francis made his most transparent condemnation yet of the lifesaving medical procedures that allow transgender people to live authentic lives. Speaking to the Pontifical Academy for Life, he decried “the biological and psychical manipulation of sexual difference, which biomedical technology allows us to perceive as completely available to free choice” which he claimed seeks to “cancel out” differences between the sexes"

This is a pretty dumb statement given transgender people's struggle to do their best to fit in. Some blow their brains out or walk into traffic or are murdered by some intolerant. No one chooses to be transgender and yes some of them transition but apparently no one has bothered to inform the Pontiff. Either that or he is incredibly disinterested in even basic education on the topic.

This is where religion really screws up and only reinforces the idea that we belong to an ideological movement that must be stopped and here the Catholic church is no better than the evangelicals doing their best to live in their own version of the 15th century. Read my lips: there is no movement but only 0.6% of the population who wants the right to self determination and to be left in peace.

For the love of God, read a book!

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  1. The ignorance on display is dumbfounding. On par with someone saying that Catholics elect a supreme pontiff to wear magic white robes that allow him to harness the sun and cancel out all other religions. Such a nefarious movement must be stopped, no?

  2. I was a victim to all this growing up and while I still see the value in spirituality this type of ignorance is beyond frustrating because it makes conclusions without first understanding


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