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a bucket of cold water

Female to male transsexuals don’t fit well into a model based on sexual perversion. Hence, it wasn’t a total shock when, back in 1991, Ray Blanchard chose to ignore them as wannabes instead of true transsexuals.

Since then of course, their presence has made itself very much more felt which has helped to debunk this false hypothesis. Chaz Bono is one of numerous examples of transmen living very publicly in the world.

You see, the very possibility of female transsexuals disturbed the preconceived idea that transsexualism was based on perverse sexuality and, since women were considered incapable of being perverts, their transsexualism could not be allowed to be valid. However, if women could suffer from gender dysphoria then so could men which would throw a monkey wrench into the Freund-inspired aberrant sexuality model.

Today we know very well that both males and females can suffer from gender dysphoria which has helped throw a big bucket of cold water on the two type model of transsexualism which considered only males as fitting into either of two types: androphilic or gynephilic.

So unfortunately for Blanchard, it's back to the drawing board because not only couldn't he adequately explain the root causes of transsexualism (which in fairness no one who has written on this subject ever has) but his limited model couldn't support female transsexuals.


  1. Blanchard did actually recognize the existence of female to male transgender people, but they all had to be "homosexual" according to him (meaning that they were, in fact, heterosexual men, loving women).

    In this he just followed his 19th century "inversion" logic, meaning that gay men were feminine and lesbian women were masculine, sometimes to the point where they fooled themselves and others into believing they were their target gender. They were obviously not, according to Blanchard -- hence the offensive use of the wrong pronouns.

    Blanchard's problem was rather the female to male trans people who loved men -- the gay trans men.

    Lesbian trans women are, according to him, perverted straight men suffering from a diversion of a typical male sexuality. This is the only reason he can explain trans women who are attracted to women. Since his binary is based on sexual orientation (female=feminine=female identity=sexual orientation towards men), he had to present the gynephilic trans women as a sexual deviation.

    Indeed, he has argued that he does not believe women can suffer from paraphilias (sexual perversion). In other words: There can be no "female" counterpart to the MTF crossdreamer or "autogynephiliacs".

    It is true that he suggested the inclusion of FTM "autoandrophiliacs" in the American Psychiatric Manual (The DSM-5), but he later admitted that he did so, not because he believed such trans men existed, but because he wanted to placate the feminists. (No, I am not making this up!)

    Lou Sullivan, the founder of the American FTM transgender movement, actually contacted Blanchard about this. Lou Sullivan was definitely a gay man and identified as such. Blanchard ignored him, as the very existence of Lou Sullivan and others like him undermined his whole theory.

    These days trans researchers argue that there are probably as many gay trans men as straight ones.

    Blanchard's denial is weird, not only because of Lou Sullivan, but also because he writes about a FTM androphilic crossdreamer in one of his papers. It is as if he thinks of them as outliers that can be ignored in science.

    They are not.

    1. I had a feeling you might chime in Jack. Thanks so much for the great specifics 😊

    2. There is a young woman in my office I would term a lipstick lesbian who is very feminine and has a wife. So much for stereotypes about masculine lesbians.

    3. Indeed! The butch lesbians are much more visible than the femme ones, in the same way feminine gay man are much more visible than the masculine ones. These subgroups therefore become the stereotypes of what it means to be lesbian or gay.

      Since people cannot see the femme lesbians (they see them as straight), the stereotypes become "truth".


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