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During her campaign for state legislature Danica Roem's opponent repeatedly used the wrong pronouns when attacking her and focused heavily on the fact that she was transgender. But in the end Ms. Roem won in what might be the beginning of an unraveling of the politics of hate in America currently championed by a buffoon president who shouldn't qualify for any level of public office.

Americans aren't stupid and the silent majority will not sit idle and allow their government to be taken over by radicals. Come 2018 midterm elections the GOP members who stood by and did nothing to counteract the sheer insanity of this administration will pay dearly for it.

But in the meantime the US has some first ever elected openly transgender public officials and I for one couldn't be happier.

Ms. Roem was joined by Lisa Middleton and Andrea Jenkins; two other transgender women who both made national firsts in their respective elections as well.

Confidence booster.


Last night I went to grab a bite and later a coffee at the Second Cup when all of a sudden the barista says:

"Ma'am I love your purse where did you get it?"

I told her it was at Aldo accessories

"They have such nice stuff don't they?"

I agreed and she wished me a nice evening very politely as I left. Later in the washroom I was drying my hands in one of those Dyson air dryers and a young woman close to me waiting to use it remarks:

"I really like your bracelet"

I thanked her and told her where I got it.

Later on my way home I stopped at Reitmans and found a dress for $10 and asked the young sales girl if I could try it on. She showed me to one of the cabins.

"Don't forget to come out and model!"

So a few minutes later I come out and it really did fit well. It was all black and below the knee.

"That looks great on you but you gotta work it girl. Spin around for me"

I did as she asked and she looked so pleased. I went back into the cabin, changed and paid for the dress. Both of the young women at the counter and I had some nice banter as I finished the transaction and we remarked on how this store covered most women's sizes. I towered over one of them who was very petite while the other was considerably taller although not my height. I left incredibly pleased with my purchase but also with the entire evening of interaction and those election victories.

Now I leave you to enjoy some Randy Rainbow...


  1. Wow, Joanna, all that must have been fun and gratifying. i'd like to be there too. I'm much more confident about presenting as my authentic self although I feel that my "passibility" is low: my high forehead, my facial features/shape, and my voice. For the forehead I'm waiting for my hair to grow long enough to get it styled. Probably another 3-6 months. For my face I hope that my new/higher dose of estradiol starts adding/redistributing fat in a more feminine way. And my voice, well, I'm working on that! My voice coach doesn't hold back her criticism when appropriate but gave me lots of atta-girls yesterday so I do seem to be making progress. All in all, maybe in 3-6 months I'll be more regularly assumed to be female.

    I did experience something like this the other day. (Sorry if I'm repeating myself!) At a FedEx store a customer referred to me as she to an employee. (I was successfully operating their computer and he was having problems.) The FedEx clerk was so helpful and sweet in helping me with my shipments. Another male customer held the door for me as I left. Yep, I felt very good about that!

    1. it becomes a loop Emma: the better you get, the more positive feedback you receive which then boosts your confidence and so on. After a while you don't think about it any more and you go about your business and engage much more; all the while assuming people take you for a female. If they don't that is their problem not yours.

      The more comfortable I became over time the better the feedback that came back to me..


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