Halle and I meet for brunch

Halle and I met for brunch at a little eatery on a bitterly cold morning in small town Ontario. We had chosen this location because it was equidistant from our respective homes. She is only the second fellow blogger I have ever met in person.

I had been reading her blog for years and have always found it to be a profound exploration of how she felt about being born different, grappling with the feelings and what to do about them.

Now she has fully transitioned and she is beaming with the kind of confidence that comes from dropping the grand piano she had been carrying on her back for all of those years. She has arrived and has even re found and married the first love of her life who accepts her for who she is; both her grown children have accepted her as well. You couldn’t ask for a better ending to a story.

Oh and did I forget to mention? She looks great to boot.

The conversation flowed and we had much to share regarding our lives and how each of us dealt with a challenge most people will never know anything about.

As you might imagine, Halle is as pleasant a person as you would expect from reading her blog and we both agreed this was not to be our only meeting.

Hopefully see you again in the spring Halle?


  1. You have a date Joanna!
    Thank you again for a lovely brunch together.
    Oh, and for your gentle readers - Joanna is the beautiful woman you would expect from reading her lovely blog.
    We shall be in touch, regularly I expect Hon.


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