the mind boggles

Alabama voted for Doug Jones but he didn’t win because of the white vote. In that sense, the state is still very much a backwater for racism, transphobia and homophobia. Someone as reprehensible as Roy Moore was still able to get most of the white vote and you must ask yourself how much more of a bottom feeder he would need to have been to lose among this demographic.

It was the black voters who voted overwhelmingly for Jones who was a far more credible and decent candidate.

Alabama is also among the poorest places in the industrialized world which makes you wonder why people continue to vote against their own interests by supporting a party that favors the wealthy. But then again evangelicals seem to care more about hating people who are different than helping their state become less of a banana republic.

The mind boggles.


  1. 96% of black voters (who represented roughly 30% of the vote) voted for Doug Jones. This is a huge win for blacks in Alabama and elsewhere. It's undeniable proof that their lives and votes matter. Perhaps now, for example, if Trump were running for president they would rise up as we needed them to defeat that fool.

    That said, 45% of white women college-educated voters cast their ballots in favor of Roy Moore. When I consider the very high percentage of women who have been sexually violated in their lives I find this astonishing. But then again I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as we saw similar numbers in the presidential election even after the Access Hollywood tape and women coming out with their experiences with Trump.

    The good news takeaway from this election is that all US citizens are witnessing what really can and does happen when they choose to sit out the vote. The tide is shifting.

  2. The Evangelical preachers are among the wealthy, and spreading hate is profitable.

  3. If you're ever inclined to travel to Alabama, or other places in the American south, outside major metropolitan areas, you're likely to find the following:

    Very little is available in terms of news media besides right wing propaganda, such as FOX and talk radio, which just saturates the airwaves. In many impoverished places, internet is not easy to come by, and even where it is, the people have long been indoctrinated against alternative viewpoints, with the right wing propaganda having been so forceful since the late 1980s.

    Infused with the culture's version of Christianity is the notion that if one is poor, it is one's fault. God looks unfavorably on remaining in poverty. One must overcome it by pulling oneself up by one's bootstraps. Those who cannot do this are either morally depraved - OR - have had all their god given opportunities taken from them by forces of evil, such as minorities, liberals and socialists.

    They see Democrats as demons - people who tempt with promises of better lives at the expense of everything holy. They might not have much, but what they do have is imperiled by Democrats. Republicans might favor the rich, but then, the rich are rich because they have earned it. Southern white voters want the chance to earn it, if only the forces of evil would get out of their way. The only people they think will help them are righteous Republicans.

    And those are the decent right wing voters. Pepper in the ones who truly pine for the olden days Dixie - slavery, lynchings, etc. - and you can see what liberal southerners are up against.

    1. Good points, thank you. I wasn't aware of this situation but it makes sense. I expect that the Democrats will be campaigning about the Alabama situation and success heavily in upcoming elections. There was never a worse time to remain complacent. Everyone must vote.

  4. No I love the comments Emma its just going to be an uphill battle!


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