the roller coaster type

I have an upstairs neighbour who is a co-condo association admin. She really is a lovely person but grates a little on the nerves sometimes because she is the kind of individual who turns wide eyed at every occurrence. She then proceeds to rattle off dialogue non stop until I manage to calm her down. When she is happy she will send out emails with 5 emojies followed by 4 exclamation marks. It is the kind of behavior that rubs against my sensibilities possibly because she reminds me of a younger version of my mother who tended towards this level of excitement.

I keep my turbulence on the inside and try and keep the external ups and downs in check except when I am really angry. But even that storm has been quieted down over the last few years with further resolution of my gender issues.

This is the archetype I least like dealing with and I have often joked that her and I would last together in the same dwelling for a month before I would need to drown her in the bathtub. Someone like me needs someone calm to deal with and this woman isn’t it. The saving grace is that we only need to overlap occasionally.

It is good practice for my patience to deal with characters and I have been doing that my entire career. The difference is that engineering types (both women and men) don’t tend to fall into these levels of histrionics but tend to suffer more from other flaws.

So yes, the roller coaster “every emotion on the sleeve” types are the ones I struggle with the most.


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