the simpleton's view of gender theory

Here is someone who thinks he understands a subject but clearly doesn't and probably has read too much Blanchard for his own good. He makes the erroneous presumption that this "condition" we supposedly suffer from known as AGP begins at puberty. Of course how he would know what transsexuals experience without actually being one baffles me and those of us who do know what we are talking about because we are actually transgender will watch this video and think this man is an idiot.

The whole talk winds looking like the graphic novel version of gender theory with even the speaking style being comical.

A while back he posted on ThirdWayTrans's blog and, although I first responded, I realized it would be a huge waste of time to try to educate insufferable people like this and as I watched this I actually laughed out loud many times at the simplistic analysis. I ask myself why the people on the Blanchard side of the equation end up being so loopy but then that's probably a good thing.

Please watch it and see what I mean because it pays to know your enemies no matter how misguided.


  1. There are two types of people who speak with Rod Fleming's accent. Those who actually hail from the region where the accent originated, and those who are turned on by the sound of their own voice when it becomes vaguely Scottish. You can discover which kind of person you are dealing with when you hear this sound by observing their behavior. Studies have shown that 77% of these strange folks, who end up convincing even themselves that this is their true accent, even though everyone with common sense knows you can't change your history and actually be Scottish if you weren't born and raised in Scotland, have other strange habits as well. They wear clothes typically worn in Scotland or Northern England.
    They pontificate on subjects about which they know nothing just to hear their voices in their fetishized accent. And they are often attracted to transsexuals, though they can't admit it, so they will devote YouTube channels and websites to transsexuality.

    But the real kicker is how they respond to calling them out. When you go up to one of these people, and tell him that he is faking his accent for his own fetishistic pleasure, he will look at you asconce, and tell you that you aren't making any sense. It's just a reflex reaction. Their delusion is so strong, they can't even hear you anymore when you point out that the are faking their accent. This denial is a perfect indicator that the person with whom you are speaking is not speaking in their true accent, and likely having you indulge in their fetish via conversation.

    I know this because I am a real journalist, not a some fake one who hides behind fake names.

    (Seriously, in the comments section to this video on YouTube, someone asks him why he has devoted his life to this subject, and what sort of credentials he has to speak with any authority on the matter. Rod Fleming answers that he is a journalist who write on many subjects, not just AGP, and that he is a real journalist, not a fake one who hides behind fake names. He then links to his webpage. Use caution when clicking on it, as my virus protection went into overdrive. It's a blog with shady advertisements, and mostly contains writings about trans women.)

    1. as usual thanks for the brilliant analysis Caryn. Isn't it funny though how we are supposed to be the crazies but its the Blanchardian loopies who invariably are?


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