Being the architect of your own life is a desirable goal which not all of us were able to attain.

If we are a little older we may have bought into a model that perhaps didn't suit us; that post-war suburban lifestyle with the two kids, the big yard and the secure company job. I don't regret those years in the least but can admit that I may have been swept into their grasp without sufficient reflection. In fact you could say that I didn't employ the full use of my ability to question before embarking on the path I ultimately chose.

I am thankful for my two wonderful kids and am proud of the effort put into raising them but now it's my turn to self realize. I just need to learn how and give myself permission.

This is something millenials will be forced to do by default because the guaranteed structures the baby boomers helped build have crumbled before them. They will need to rely on a more malleable approach in order to make their way in this brave new world of uncertainty. Yes it makes for less security but also introduces the possibility of more inventiveness and cunning in order to move forward.

I will hope to take a page from this new reality and become more of an architect for the remainder of my own life; of course always within the spectrum of the things I can control.

After so many years of responsibility, there is something quite attractive in that notion.


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