book update

I am now half way through writing my book which means I have hit 20,000 words of my 40,000 word target. This doesn't mean it must necessarily be 40,000 words long but I wanted to have a reasonable length to aim for and this seems to be the standard for a shorter adult book.

I will keep plugging away at it along with my musical projects and maintaining this blog.


  1. Looking forward to reading it, Joanna

    This is a follow up to my test message. Your Blog is one of the few that I review daily. Always enjoy and learn something worthwhile: Others are RHONDA W. and KANDI R. LOVE the COVER of your book.. The intent of this message is to provide some additional encouragement....Hope so at least... First do not be concerned about the length. The MESSAGE is more important then the length. I have some experience in this area. Have written two books and co-authored a third. All factual history have been published. Lengths were: 311, 3313 and 354 . Currently working on another that will top 420, HOWEVER, the one that has given me the greatest enjoyment is a much smaller effort --- Totally just over 100 pages and in sharp contrast to all the others flows from my inner femininity, which i have been enjoying almost every day for the past six years after my spouse passed away. GO FORTH AND ENJOY... Separately , I believe you echoed my thoughts on OUR personal status as each of us being created a unique individual by the CREATOR and each of us being a unique creation, as are all living creatures; Even IDENTICAL TWINS are not identical, but have different characteristics. THERE needs to be greater acceptance across the board, even if they are not within the culturally defined norm. Enough of my rambling. PS Occasionally you may see one of my ESSAYS in KANDI ROBBINS BLOG. Most of these are extracts from my short book -- Titled Phillip's Girl. Marie Anne Greene

    1. Marie Anne thanks for the positive feedback and I won't focus on length at the expense of quality 😊

  3. Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments it really means a lot


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