Judgement isn’t something we are born with; we develop it. It involves looking at a situation and the possible outcomes based on the criteria at hand. I think it also involves a good deal of “do no harm” approach to navigate whatever waters we are in.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and for good reason: using only intention as a substitute for good judgement can spell trouble; after all good intention is more subjective since it doesn’t weight possible outcomes. If I enter a business deal with only good intentions and don’t weight the possibility that my new business partner is a crook it is not enough to tell them so after they have cheated you.

Sound judgement is something you hone and develop over time and experience and hope you have enough of it by the time you reach a certain age. Not everyone develops it to the same level and navigate through life without learning its full value. If we acquire any it can be the result of a series of painful life experiences that leave us sometimes devastated.

In matters of the heart judgement can often be most lacking because human emotion serves as to block the thinking process we vitally need before acting. Blood is shed in an instant and the result leaves an often-unsatisfactory conclusion we are left to reflect over for much time.

We are complicated and complex beings who suffer through actions or inactions because of our humanity and sometimes, despite our best attempt at judgement, we cannot know for certain why a road was chosen or conversely why it was not.


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