love is a many splendored thing

The other night over dinner while discussing his porential future love life my son says to me;

"No offense but I am using your experience as what not to do"

I will admit that it stung for a moment but I did not take offense as I have worried that what he has seen thus far from me was going to taint his ability to form long lasting relationships. From the age of 9 his life was destabilized by a divorce that he didn't see coming.

One big advantage in his favor will be his lack of gender issues for which I am eternally grateful. This way he can come into any situation with his cards firmly on the table but also with a much wider array of potential partners.

He admitted to me that he knew his mother and I are so different it never made sense to him why we were together and of course he is right; you cannot hide from the analysis of grown children and by his age I had already begun to formulate accurate assessments of my own parents.

His shyness will burn off and he will hopefully go into the world with the intent of finding his best friend which is what I have counseled he look for.


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