update from a friend

I met the ex colleague for lunch yesterday whose daughter had come out as trans about a year and a half ago. After my 6 months of being away in Toronto I was curious as to where things were going with her.

After a while the conversation gravitated toward the subject and he was more than willing to discuss it. You might recall that I came out to him after he expressed deep concern about her. She and my daughter are a month apart.

Well, Laurence is now Laurent and he has been on testosterone since July. His voice has deepened and the facial hair is sprouting and he seems happier to his parents who have thankfully fully supported him. He also has a girlfriend who loves him as he is and knew him when he was Laurence which is another testament to this new generation who accept each other as they are far more readily.

I was very happy for him and his son and I told him so and he thanked me again for having shared my own struggle at a time when he needed to hear from another trans person.

If we can spare these trans kids the decades of living in the shadows that many of us went through it's nothing for me to tell my story.

On a separate note I was listening to Trump voters in Appalachia talk on the radio and realized all the more that there is a percentage of the US population that just won't be dissuaded with facts. How an imbecile like Trump gets called a good business man is beyond me when he is clearly a train wreck and a disgraceful human being.

Why can't they see the emperor has no clothes.


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