why gender theory matters

Gender theory is vitally important and while you might think it does not play a direct impact in your day to day living, in the long term it does.

The people directly involved in it sometimes have the ear of policy makers and their academic papers can help shape public policy. So when I hear transgender people say it doesn’t matter it makes me bristle. This is why the opposition to Ray Blanchard’s toxic work has been so pivotal and trans women like Lynn Conway, Andrea James, Deidre Mccloskey, Jamie Veale and Julia Serano have fought hard to advertise its obvious shortcomings and had they been left unchecked things might be worse for transgender people today.

But even if these theories don't have a direct impact on public policy they feed those groups who find sustenance in them. This is why you will find this work referenced by the alt-right, TERFS and evangelical crackpots who try to use them as evidence of our so-called "delusions".

It becomes important then for us to educate ourselves as well as others who might come into contact with these fringe groups and not have access to the proper countering information.

I understand that the public at large doesn't delve into these complex issues but informing ourselves for those who do is pivotal in order to help further advance transgender rights.

Information is power.


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