a little lighter

Last night I went to my bank for a financial planning session and I decided to lighten up the hair a bit. I have tried to go dark but that just harshens my features and makes me look older.

I took this picture upon my return home.

All of my banking records are with my male name but people just could care less whether you are trans or not and I got excellent service and was not misgendered. So get out there and don't wait for someone to give you permission to be yourself!


  1. You look scrumptious!!!

    Yesterday I also went to my bank to make a transaction that I cannot do at the ATM. As with you my records are in my male name. The teller was fun, we chatted a bit, got in a laugh or two.

    But earlier in the day I had an appointment at Nordstrom for... my first bra fitting! The young woman was terrific, very professional, and helped me select five bras and some sleepwear. At one point I asked her if she sees many trans women. Occasionally, she said, and added that her father came out as trans about three years ago, now presenting full time, which doesn’t bother her at all.


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