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Gender identities lie on a graded spectrum. However it appears that most people can fit reasonably well within a portion that allows them to fully identify with their birth sex.

Transgender people however, cannot entirely do so.

Some will have a gender identity that is entirely reversed from their birth sex and will more than likely end up as transgender women. Others will live in some form of partial transition while the remainder will settle for some degree of gender variance which reflects their sense of self.

The way sexual orientation plays into this dynamic is to either align or misalign with gender identification. When a person’s gender identity aligns with orientation they will be more likely to identity as transgender earlier in life whereas the opposite will be true when orientation misaligns with identity.

This universal model should apply to both male and female born individuals and makes far more sense than the scattered and confused proposals we have seen to date from the so-called “experts”.

There isn't a transgender agenda, ideology or fad but rather people who used to sit on the sidelines waiting for society to approve of them are coming out of the woodwork because they got fed up of playing along with the rules. The relaxing of the gender norms in recent years gave them the opening they were looking for to finally be themselves.

I am utterly dismayed that some people are either too ignorant or vested in their own belief systems to understand such a basic fact of life. Gender identity is not directly correlated to birth genitalia and we are confirming this time and time again. That video I posted yesterday had a commenter stating that "Jesus can heal you" and all I could think of was slapping him because this has nothing to do with religious principles or moral fortitude; but such is the stupendous ignorance in this world.

There is nothing organic which is static or perfectly uniform; absolutely nothing. So let's get over it and move on shall we?

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  1. Take a look at this: https://www.lushusa.com/story?cid=article_trans-rights-are-human-rights
    I visited their store in Seattle yesterday with a friend and was very impressed with their very outspoken messaging about trans as people. It seems to me that they are recognizing both an important market segment as well as an important social shift in awareness that helps them position their company. It will be interesting to see who follows.

    1. More and more businesses are becoming enlightened to inclusiveness issues and I couldn't be happier.

  2. I enjoy how you frequently address the serious subject of gender with sparks of insight and open our eyes to new ways of thinking about it. Much public discussion of the subject is depressingly ill-informed. How some (like myself) navigate through the maze of social organization (which shifts over time) is difficult, so discussion like yours helps.

    1. I don't mind ill informed if they are open to being enlightened Ally. The ones that worry me are the close minded nuts who just refuse to get it because they are too brain washed with their agenda to listen.


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