Audette and Lyne

Lyne and Audette are two older ladies that I always see together having coffee. We had never spoken before but suddenly upon my return to Montreal they seemed happy to see me and wondered where I had gone. This led to a short but pleasant exchange which opened the door to greeting each other going forward.

Last night there they were and as I was leaving I stopped to say hello and suddenly I am sitting with them for a few minutes and chatting.

They are about my mother's age with Audette, who is a widow, having had three children. Lyne has no children and has been divorced for many years. They have known each other since 1957 when they lived in the same building and still meet regularly for coffee.

"I have a son who is 6' 5" and a tall lady like you and he would make a perfect match" says Audette to me in French and smiling like a chesire cat.

"But he is married" she continues

I tell her I am not looking anyway and we continue chatting for a few minutes before I get up and wish them both a lovely evening.

As I am walking away I reflect on how Audette and Lyne don't have cell phones and they talk to each other and listen intently when the other speaks.

That hardly happens anymore and reminds me of that video from the 1960's I posted where people couldn't be reached 24/7 and even the young people on the street just talked to each other.


  1. Isn’t that sweet! They’ve sure known each other a long time. Since 1957? I was born in ‘56!


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