Donald Trump wants to have a military parade down Pennsylvania avenue to compete with North Korea while Devin Nunes wanted to build a wall in Congress to separate the democrats and the Republicans. Meanwhile, LGBT enemy and vice President Mike Pence leads the American team into the Stadium while the openly out athletes rightly complain he has no business being there in this era of inclusiveness that the Olympics particularly champion.

We already know that Trump is a horror show of ignorance, racism and smugness but the people surrounding this administration are almost as much of an embarrassment.

Paul Ryan tweets lauding a secretary's $1.50 a week increase under the Trump tax plan and then wisely deletes it when a barrage of outrage comes his way. Someone named LOLGOP brilliantly retorts that the $26M a week increase one of the Koch brothers will get under this plan can pay for a few more Paul Ryans (see image below).

It's like there is concerted effort to turn the Republican party into one for the exclusive membership of the perennially stupid. Science and climate change deniers abound while the evangelicals want to have high schools teach creationism (and no it's not intelligent design but rather Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden)

This administration will assuredly go down as the worst in American history closely followed by the Bush administration and their unjust war, outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, suspending of civil liberties by John Ashcroft plus other disasters. But then they had eight years to do all that. Imagine this administration over two terms after the disasters of just over a year.



  1. What a fool Paul Ryan is and how small ones paycheck must be to even notice a $1.50 change. The zinger says much, sure, but to me the larger story is Ryan’s hubris.


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